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    The company produces the following products:

    1. tantalum pentoxide;
    2. niobium pentoxide;
    3. mica folgopit.

    Used technologies

    Magnetic raw materials obtained by feldspar ore dressing (Malysheva village, Sverdlovsk region
    Electromagnetic separator
    Magnetic separator
    Mica phlogopite Bulk weight 0.7 g / cm3
    Dissolution in H2SO4 + HF + H2O
    Bulk density 0.5 g / cm3
    Extraction of octanol-2
    Drying, firing

    Metal concentration is measured by atomic emission spectroscopy of a substance in the inductively coupled plasma state.


    Nb2O5 $18 per pound
    Ta2O5 $147 per pound

    At the moment, the company is looking for investors to finance the production of metal tantalum which can be used in 3D printing.


    mail ceramic_vgk@mail.ru

    phone 011-7-922-606-5793